‘Naadodigal 2’ strong social messages, fine performance

‘Naadodigal 2’ strong social messages, fine performance

‘Naadodigal 2’ strong social messages, fine performance

Director: Samuthirakani

Cast M. Sasikumar, Anjali, Athulya Ravi, Bharani, M.S.Bhaskar, Namo Narayanan, Gnanasambandan, Super Subbarayan.

The Sasikumar-Samuthirakani team has come up with Madras Enterprises ‘Nadodigal 2’.

The story revolves around Jeeva (Sasikumar, earnest in yet another role of an idealist), a social activist, who decides to begin a crusade against caste. Why? Because he and his fellow activists see a video of a honour killing. In the world of Samuthirakani, even the common act of viewing a video can be transformative. And so, he decides to conduct a conference gathering like-minded youngsters who abhor caste. But the leader of a caste party turns the event into a riot. Cue reference to the jallikkattu protest.

Meanwhile, Jeeva’s marriage gets fixed (after many rejections), but on the night of his wedding, he learns that Sowmya (Athulya), the girl who’s now his wife, was forced to agree to the marriage by her casteist family. Being the revolutionary that he is, Jeeva sends her off with her ‘lower caste’ lover (Esakki Bharath), but the girl’s family is determined to find the couple, murder them and uphold their caste pride. Can Jeeva save the youngsters, who are naive beyond belief?

Sasikumar in a role modelled on his most famous one from ‘Nadodigal’ excels in the action sequences and humour when he goes to see Athulya and his interactions with Anjali. Anjali the seasoned performer is in her elements as the social activist doctor in thankfully a role that is equal to the hero in every possible way including action scenes.

The film has strong social messages delivered with fine performances from the cast.

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