Nayan’s dual role in Airaa

Nayan’s dual  role in Airaa

Nayan’s dual role in Airaa

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Director Sarjun talks about the makeup done by Nayanthara in his upcoming film Airaa.It is said that Nayan is doing dual role in Airaa.
Director says that Nayan has made a departure from her usual makeup style for one of these roles. He also added that “The character’s name is Bhavani, and she is not an urban woman. I wanted it to be a role that Nayanthara hasn’t done so far; in fact, that’s how I pitched it to her”.
On sharing about the make up done by Nayanthara as She darkening her skin, he says that
“It is common for an actor darkening their skin tone to play non-urban
characters but Nayanthara has tried something really new, both in terms of makeup and performance. Her body language will jolt the audience.
Interestingly, most of the portions in which this character appears will be in black and white”.
On Speaking about the other role of Nayan’s Yamuna, he said as “an ordinary girl from an ordinary family”, but says that both the characters aren’t related.He also added that “Usually, when an actor plays a dual role, the characters might be related, like twins or siblings; we have tried to break that. Bhavani and Yamuna are two unrelated people, and they will look like two different people on screen”.
The link of the teaser is given below:

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