Nayanthara’s breaking statement against Radha Ravi

Nayanthara’s breaking statement against Radha Ravi

Nayanthara’s breaking statement against Radha Ravi

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While a lot of celebrities like Vignesh Shivn, Radhikaa, Varalaxmi and Chinmayi came in support of Nayanthara, condemning Radha Ravi’s speech, the Lady Superstar, has given out a public statement regarding this issue.

In the statement she said, “I rarely issue public statements, as I have always allowed my professional work to speak for itself. However desperate times mandate desperate measures. Today, I am compelled to issue a detailed statement so as to clarify my own position and also to champion the cause of women who bear the brunt of male insensitivities and sexism.”

She ended her statement saying, ” God has been amply kind in giving me wonderful professional opportunities and the affectionate movie-goers of Tamil Nadu have amply rewarded me for my good performances. Irrespective of all negative remarks and aspersions cast upon me, I shall continue to take up the multifaceted roles of Sita, ghost, Goddess, friend, wife, lover, so on and so forth with the sole intention of providing maximum entertainment to my fans.”

She also mentioned how she was shocked to see audience cheering him on during chauvinistic speech. She also said, ” As long as the audience encourage sexist remarks, speakers like Mr.Radha Ravi will continue to thrive on misogyny and cracking of denigrating jokes against women. I strongly urge well intentioned citizens and my beloved fans to deeply discourage the behaviour of the likes of Mr.Radha Ravi.”

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