Neutralizing drone attacks


Some countries have been successful in using small –sized drones in delivering medical supplies, food packs and pizzas to areas in time of distress and in crisis situations. Now the drones are conveniently used by terrorists to attack an Indian Air Force base in Jammu.

Pakistan has been using drones since 2020 to transport arms consignments across the line of control and drugs across the international border in Punjab. Earlier some drones coming across India have been successfully neutralized by the Indian army. Now during the ceasefire period, the drone attack is evidently meant to distract the Indian Army for the others areas of Line of Control. This is perhaps  an intentional trial run to assess the preparedness of the Indian army to drone attacks. Perhaps many more attacks of its kind on the Jammu Airport may follow.

India has not used drones in a hostile way. Indian security forces face a new challenge now as the attack of drones cannot be caught by radars installed in the Air Force base. Small drones often pass away like birds. Now the Indian army should get ready to shoot down the drones.

Drones and War

 Drones have already been very successfully used in war against terrorists. In January 2018, a fleet of 13 armed Drones attacked  the Russian naval base in Tartus in the Mediterranean sea. The  Russian army successfully shot down 47 drones totally in that year.   In 2019, the drone attacks by Iran backed Houthi rebels on Saudi Arabia’s Abqaiq oil refinery pushed the price of oil.

 The US carried out hundreds of strikes against al Qaeda and Taliban locations in the Afghan –Pak region in the it two decades military operation in Afganistan.

The 2020 Armenia and Azerbaijan war was won by drones. 

China a friend of Pakistan is the largest manufacturer of small-sized drones and its military agenda to allow Pakistan to use drones obviously to divert India’s attention from the two fronts China and Pakistan. 

It is certain that drones will be used in all the future wars as it has many advantages. It will be easy with drones to attack army stationed at hills and boarders. It is necessary that India should focus and  develop the  anti-drone technology which will detect and smaller drones as opposed to intercepting larger UAV’s. Drones are security threat and India should wake up as China would be ready to replenish any number of drones to Pakistan to  attack India.

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