No more birth tourism?

No more birth tourism?

No more birth tourism?

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The Trump Administration is planning to put an end to the practice of birth tourism and is now considering legal measures to roll out new rules.

As per the US constitution, a kid born on US soil automatically qualifies for citizenship. This for long has been a matter of debate among the US lawmakers, and President Trump has been repeatedly stating that he is seriously thinking of rolling out measures to end this practice.

As per an official from the State Department, the said change is intended to address the national security and law enforcement risks associated with birth tourism, including criminal activity associated with the birth tourism industry. Referring to this, another official mentioned that the said step comes in the wake of a broader campaign to intensify the visa vetting process.

Reportedly, the new rules would lead to altering the requirements of visitor visas to the United States (known as B visas), and also empowering the State Department with new powers allowing them to deny foreign nationals entry if they are suspected of entering the country explicitly for the purpose of giving birth.

President Trump has spoken out against the said provision of the US Constitution that allows birthright citizenship and has vowed to end it. However, legal experts are divided in opinion as to whether this step should actually be taken.

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