no plans to marry Vishal – says Varu

Actress Varalakshmi Sarathakumar says she has no plans to marry Vishal.

On speaking about this Varalakshmi says  “Firstly, I am not dating Vishal and have no plans to marry him. Rather, I am scouting for a right girl for Vishal and I’ll get him married soon. Because we are just good friends,”

On speaking about her upcoming film  Sarkar she says  “I am neither essaying a negative or positive role, its kind of a grey role. I am playing a politician and I can’t divulge more details,”

On talking about Me too, she added that “The whole purpose of this campaign is to name and shame the person who has harassed girls. I heard some people saying why can’t these girls go to police stations and courts, that’s a bull shit argument, because this movement is meant to expose sexual predators and caution people to be alert. Many are spending sleepless nights, because they don’t know whose name will come next, that’s what we wanted.  We also wanted to end the menace of casting couch as well,” she points out.

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