No social distancing in Trump campaigns

Washington , Sept 25:

The US will stay away from “ridiculous” foreign wars that never end and bring back its troops, President Donald Trump has said, as he pledged to strike down terrorists who threaten Americans and maintain the country’s “unrivaled” military might to ensure peace through strength.

Addressing an election rally in the key battleground State of Florida, Trump alleged that for decades, American politicians had spent trillions of dollars rebuilding foreign nations, fighting foreign wars, and defending foreign borders. One of the largest campaign rallies of the 2020 presidential elections, over 30,000 people turned out for the president’s rally in Jacksonville, Florida.

The high turn-out of his supporters, ignoring the social distancing measures during the coronavirus pandemic, is reflective of his popularity in the State.

Trump said former vice president and his Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden was having a hard time attracting people to his rallies.

“Isn’t it crazy? Isn’t it crazy? This is some, it’s interesting, when Biden comes to Florida, you have like, 12, 13 people. You know, they do the circles. And he has a hard time filling up the circles. Here we probably have 30,000 people or so. That’s a lot of people,” Trump said.





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