Noida’s fly dining restaurant


Noida’s Fly Dining restaurant serves food 160 feet up in the air with food and adventure in perfect balance.

Fly Dining at Noida sector 38 A has become a perfect place for adventure lovers where they can enjoy their food in a unique way and place -160 feet up in the air. A huge table surrounded with 24 seats is lifted up with a crane. It also has a less widen central passage to allow free movement of waiters and other staff.

Safety measures have been taken into consideration at a very serious level. The equipment being used is tested and certified from Germany while the crane that suspends the structure is from Dubai. Once seated, the safety belts buckling to the seat are checked thrice before launching into the air.

Customers who alighted after their 40 min stays in the air, expressed how thrilling and exciting experience had this been. Parul Gupta, who celebrated her birthday at the heights said, “It was such an exciting experience and thrilling.”

Vimmi Bhatia, who enjoyed the flying dinner with her kids, said, “It is a totally different experience from other restaurants and next time I would love to visit this place with my husband.”

The dining time in the Fly Dining starts at 6 in the evening and longs till 10 pm. Customers get to spend 40 minutes in the air.

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