North Korea says it won’t give up arms modernisation

North Korea says it won’t give up arms modernisation

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North Korea accused the United Kingdom, France and Germany on Thursday of meddling in its “self-defensive measures for arms modernisation,” saying the West will make “no greater mistake” than thinking Pyongyang will give up its right to have weapons that it says are needed to ensure peace.

The North’s official Korean Central News Agency circulated a statement from Kim Son Gyong, an adviser at the Korea-Europe Association, in response to a joint statement on Tuesday from the three important U.S. allies condemning Pyongyang’s “repeated provocative launches” of ballistic missiles.

The Europeans accused North Korea of violating U.N. sanctions and urged leader Kim Jong Un to engage with the United States and make progress on denuclearization, which they said is “the only way to guarantee security and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region.”

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