Not everything meets the eye in the house: Kasthuri

Tamil film actress Kasthuri is often known for her explosive social media presence. So, when she was invited to be part of the Bigg Boss Tamil as a wildcard entrant, fireworks were expected. But things took another turn, when she was criticised for staying under the radar. Or did she? In a candid chat, Kasthuri spoke about her time in the show, Madhumitha’s sudden exit and her former housemates. 
Did you expect to be evicted from the show in just 17 days?

I packed my clothes only for two weeks. I had a few calculations in my mind. Audiences do not know anything about these housemates. However, I am an insider and I know about these people. I have worked with a lot of them. I knew who was truthful and fake when I was watching the episodes. I was also a wildcard entrant. In the absence of anybody else, I knew that I would be nominated. I also predicted that I would get the option of going to the secret room. I entered the house thinking I will take it up. But Madhumitha’s incident changed the game. My dynamics with Madhumitha, during the week she was evicted, was not shown. If that was depicted, the show would have been fair. But that did not happen. I was impacted by the way people reacted to Madhumitha’s exit. After that, I came to a point where I started thinking, should I really play this game? That is why I refused the secret room offer.

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