Olympic 2020 to push green initiatives!

Olympic 2020 to push green initiatives!

Olympic 2020 to push green initiatives!


With go-green becoming the need of the hour, Olympic 2020 committee has decided on focusing fully on using renewable and eco-friendly technologies to make their part in saving the environment.

Referring to this, Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto stated that all members of Tokyo 2020 will be working as one to cultivate a deeper awareness of their respective roles and to ensure that sustainability is well-incorporated in their activities as we look toward 2020 and beyond.

Holding the record of emitting low greenhouse gas, Japan wants to use the games to place itself as a spearhead in the green movement. As part of this, innumerable innovations are expected to create a carbon-neutral event. Reports suggest uniforms will be made from recycled plastic, heat-reflective roads will absorb water, timber sourced sustainably is being used to build the notably few new structures to benefit the local economy.

All in all, the games will work as a platform to promote that Japan is going green and interested in doing such business of new ideas. The organizers are of the view that this will likely motivate other cities also to adopt the cutting-edge technologies.

Further, following the lines of sustainability, participants will also be sleeping on eco-friendly beds, the frames of which are being made of recyclable cardboard. The mattresses will be made of recyclable products, namely polyethylene supplies, which will be recycled for use as plastic products once the games have ended.

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