‘Onpadhu Kuzhi Sampath’ a film on forgotten traditional game, to be released online

Onbadhu Kuzhi Sampath is the first censored Tamil film to be released on Regal Talkies a pay-per-view streaming service on August 15.

Directed by Raghupathi, an erstwhile associate of RK Selvamani, Onbadhu Kuzhi Sampath also features : Balaji, Nikhila Vemal and Appukutti. The film produced by Thirunavukarasu. Kolanchi Kumar (Director of Photography), VA Charlie (Music Director)

Speaking to Trinity Mirror, GK Tirunavukarasu, Creative Producer, said, “Films revolving around sports have always been a favourite among K’town audiences. The film titled Onbadhu Kuzhi Sampath (OKS), which is on the forgotten traditional game Goli Gundu, that is played all over India.

Though there are several versions of Goli including Pendha, Istam, Onbadhu Kuzhi and Saramutti Sara, this film is about a guy named Sampath who is an expert in Onbadhu Kuzhi. The sport was popular during the Chola period and was played in Tiruchy, Tanjore and Sri Lanka.

“We have set the film in Tiruchy and recreated the whole setup during the period. Even artistes in miniscule roles have dubbed in their own voice, using the slang used at that time,” says Thirunavukarasu

We also recorded natural sounds while shooting which have been used in the film, he adds.

The story begins in Trichy and shows Sampath working in a quaint workshop and heads back to his village with loads of money in his hand to get married to his ladylove Vasanthi. The film features a sensational Climax with Twist & Turns,” says Thirunavukarasu

Talking about the release of the film, Thirunavukarasu said, We are proud to be associated with someone like CV Kumar,” says Thirunavukarasu. Once C.V. Kumar selected our film first to be screened in his Regal Talkies, We see the success of the film. Regal Talkies is a pay-per-view service, owned by producer-filmmaker CV Kumar.

We are releasing our film on the pay per view concept. That is you can watch the by paying only ticket charge. The whole family can watch the film on single ticket at home.The film is being screened on onlie that is why we call it online theatre release.

By watching film at home, we can save travelling time, no traffic problem, no parking problem, we can get rid of highly priced snacks. This online theatre platform will help budget films, said GK Tirunavukarasu.


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