Orcha, for time travelers

Orcha, for time travelers

Orcha, for time travelers

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Orcha of Madhya pradesh is a town of India that looks at its best during october till december. Built by Raja Rudra Pratap in 1501 this historical town of Orchha is nestled on the banks of river Betwa cramming with the sweet smell of custard apples. This undulating land has towering temples and forts.

The ancient town seems frozen in time, with its many monuments continuing to retain their original grandeur travelling back in time!

Orchha Fort

The Orchha Fort complex comprises several formidable structures including forts, palaces, temples, cenotaphs and historic monuments. The majestic fort speaks volumes of the glorious Bundela Rajputs and their stories of valor. Situated on the banks of the River Betwa, the fort offers impressive artwork of paintings and stone carving within its premises, catering to the desire of history and nature lovers.


Ram Raja Temple

The Ram Raja Temple, also known as Orchha Temple, holds religious importance as it is the only temple in India where Lord Rama is worshipped as King Rama. Built in the 16th century, the temple is a popular monument in the Orchha Fort complex amongst the followers of Hinduism.



Presenting a picturesque sight of Kanchana Ghat on the banks of River Betwa are the Chhatris (cenotaphs), which dot the surroundings of the fort complex, best seen during the sunset. Each of the 14 cenotaphs represents a tomb of the rulers of Bundela dynasty and its members.


Chaturbhuj Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha is an ancient architectural masterpiece built by King Madhukar during 1558-1573. The temple stands tall on a raised rectangular platform with basic architecture. It is divided into three main parts, and the central position of the temple is four-storey high.


Orchha is a small town thus don’t have its own airport. Its nearest airport is Gwalior airport at 150kms but have very limited connectivity. Second best option is to visit Khajuraho Airport, having flight connectivity from Varanasi and New Delhi.Orchha has its own railway station, but the nearest major railway station is at Jhansi (15 km). Travelling from Jhansi to Orchha can be done in two way- you can either take an auto-rickshaw or go for a more expensive but comfortable cab.

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