Orphaned calf becomes a pup!

Orphaned calf becomes a pup!

Orphaned calf becomes a pup!

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At times, we have this character of imitating those around us. Here we have an orphaned calf which thinks that it’s a dog after being raised by German Shepherds.

Buddy, the adorable bull calf was adopted by Coral and Wayne Algie when he was just one day old after his mother had a tragic death near the couple’s farmhouse in New South Wales, Australia.

Since the time of adoption, Buddy has become the additional puppy of a two and half year old German Shepherd Bada, who recently gave birth to a litter of 11 pups.

Now six weeks old, the calf has already picked up some doggo habits, including playing chase with his brothers and sisters, wagging his tail in excitement and snuggling up for nap time.

“Bada has really taken Buddy on as puppy number 12” said Coral. He quite enjoys the grooming Bada gives him. He responds really well to her. She is grooming him all the time, licking him, cleaning his eyes, she is constantly with him.When he is out, she supervises him. She walks with him and chases after him. She is so generous with her time. She has been amazing” she adds.

Animals are setting yet another example to us by showing love beyond species, but here, we humans are still fighting over castes. Time for us humans to look up to animals for a good piece advice I guess……

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