Oviya’s new snake tattoo

Actress Oviya has had a huge fan following ever since her successful stint at the opening season of the popular reality television show Bigg Boss in Tamil in 2017. The pretty actress was last seen in ‘Kalavani 2’ directed by Sarkunam. It is known that she has got a gypsy tattoo done on her right hand along her shoulders and she has been flaunting her tattoo on social media ever since she got it. Now, the young actress seems to have got a new tattoo.
Oviya Helen has a got a new tattoo of a snake on her left ankle. Interestingly, the tattoo is of a snake wrapped around her ankle and it goes the full circle and had the snake eating into itself.

The meaning of the snake tattoo is very intricate and complex. For the Egyptians the snake was the symbol of power and protection and it is believed that a person wearing a snake figure would be protected at all times. For the Jews and Christians the snake represents the evil, lust and also temptation. In the modern world the snake is also a symbol of health, but due to its venom a symbol of death as well.

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