Palawan, Petite isle of Philippines

Palawan,  Petite isle of Philippines

Palawan, Petite isle of Philippines

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Palawan is arguably one of the top tourist destinations in the tropical paradise of the Philippines. This thin, long island on the Philippines’ western flank feels like paradise from end to end, thanks to its gorgeous karst limestone geography. Birdwatchers swear by the hidden corners and far-flung places where they’ve seen and heard the island’s avian residents in action.Beaches, caves, mountains and jungles, with the occasional settlement offering rustic Filipino food, almost bottomless Filipino beer.
Tubbataha Reefs:
Rightfully a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this natural attraction contains some of the most impressive marine biodiversity in the world. Strategically positioned at the heart of the Coral Triangle, Tubbataha is home to approximately half the world’s coral species, approximately 600 species of fish, as well as several species of sharks, whales, and dolphins. This makes it a dream destination for many divers.
Ugong Rock:
Usually an extra stop en route to the Underground River, Ugong Rock is not only a pretty picture from a distance. Drive up to it and you’ll learn it also offers exciting activities any adrenaline junky will enjoy. Throw on the obligatory gloves and helmet given at the entrance and begin the spelunking adventure into the cave. It’s an upward journey that doesn’t quite end at the spectacular view awaiting upon emerging at the top, because visitors also have the option to zip line back down.
Coron Bay Shipwrecks:
Coron is considered a wreck diver’s utopia due to the sheer number of shipwrecks right beneath the busy surface of Coron Bay. The United States’ WWII bombardment of Japanese ships in September 1944 has left nearly a dozen wrecks in the area, now bustling with marine life and still well-preserved. Because many of these vessels belonged to a supply fleet, they were carrying a good number of equipment and vehicles when they went down. These still-intact machinery make for interesting sights for wreck divers today.
Long Beach:
Dubbed the longest white-sand beach in the country, Long Beach in San Vicente stretches an astounding 14 kilometers long. And unlike Palawan’s tourist hotspots, this beach has barely any traces of commercialization . Pay this beach a visit and you’ll be treating yourself to the luxury of feeling like you have your very own tropical haven that goes on forever. No other tourist will likely be in sight — just pure, raw sand and sea goodness.

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