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Patrick Ching is known as Hawaii’s nature artist. His flair for wild life and training he had at Otis, Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles has given him name and fame as painter. He is a Hawaiian conversationalist and wildlife artist, ornithological illustrator and author of children’s books.
Early life
Ching was born in in Oahu in 1962. His early education was in Oahu. While in school, he was an avid athlete. He has participated in league baseball, wrestling, professional boxing and the dangerous job of a rodeo clown. He enjoyed outdoors and was fond of surfing, fishing, riding, and hand gliding.
After his training in Otis College, he advanced his talents by working in the field for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. This field work provided him an opportunity to explore remote areas of the islands. He was fascinated by different creatures and places that inspired him to work. He started painting them. Soon he gained international reputation due to his paintings which had a striking resemblance to photography.
Ching’s works of art was admired throughout the world. His art can be seen on 1986 Hawaiian Telephone Book Cover featuring Haley’s Comet. His first wildlife Conservator stamp, featuring the Hawaii state bird the nene (goose) is a great work. A hundred foot mural of the Salt Lake Public Library depicting the historic scenes from the Salt Lake area on the island of Oahu also dons Ching’s work.
Ching has been celebrated as the “feature Artist for 2008 Haleiwa Arts Festival and the celebrations of the Sea “Arts Miles Murals
Project, Hawaii in 2008. His artwork has been featured in various newspapers and television shows. His work appeared in magazines like Wildlife Art News, Audubon and Birders World. He is the prolific author of many detailed books on Hawaiian wildlife.
Ching continues to dedicate his life in preserving and capturing the essence of the islands through art by donating his time and talents. In 1996, Ching opened the Naturally Hawaiian Gallery and Gifts in Waimanalo.
He conducts regular art classes from his gallery via Skype for students in many countries.
Ching’s commissioned artwork can be seen at the home of celebrities and art collectors around the world. His works can be seen in Hawaii’ Bishop Museum and the Smithsonian Museum in New York. He has also authored many award winning books including Sea Turtles of Hawaii, The Hawaiian Monk Seal and Honu and Hina.
Ching now travels internationally, painting and conducting realistic painting workshops.

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