Payphone for bird calls?

Payphone for bird calls?

Payphone for bird calls?

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A payphone in Maryland, US is attracting the attention of the public. By the way… cannot make a phone call with it, it is actually meant to make bird calls. The city of Takoma Park commissioned musician and audio producer David Schulman to create an interactive public art installation, and he came up with the Bird Calls Phone, a payphone modified to play the sounds of birds instead of making phone calls.

“It’s a payphone that’s hot-wired so that when you go up and press any button instead of making a call to humans you hear the calls of local birds,” Schulman said.

Members of the public said they were surprised when they approached the unusual phone. “I picked it up and I was like, ooh, I can dial 1-800-COLLECT but it was just birds,” Rachel Carver said. “It’s the perfect piece of artwork that doesn’t draw big attention. You’ve got to come up to it to really appreciate it.”

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