Pro Kabaddi League: U Mumba thrash Puneri Paltan

Pro Kabaddi League: U Mumba thrash Puneri Paltan

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Greater Noida, Nov 4:

U  Mumba finally won the Maharashtra derby against Puneri Paltan with a  31-22 scoreline in the Vivo Pro Kabaddi League here Saturday.

Puneri Paltan had drawn and lost the last two contests against U Mumba.

Fazel Atrachali had a near flawless match as he got 4 tackle points  from his 5 tackle attempts. More GB of Puneri Paltan and Vinod Kumar shocked the opponents as they got 4 and 3 tackle points even though they  are raiders for their respective teams. Girish Ernak had a mediocre  performance as he only got 1 tackle point from 3 tackle attempts. Fazel  Atrachali was given the Orange Sleeve for hoarding the highest number of  tackle points this season after Saturday’s incredible performance.

Deepak Kumar Dahiya started the match with a running hand touch on  Surender Singh to open the floodgates but this was overturned by U Mumba  in the next 4 minutes. U Mumba took the lead and kept a gap of 4 points  by the 5th minute to make it 5-1.

With two men on the mat, Puneri Paltan got a strong Super Tackle by  Monu on Darshan Kadian to make it 5-3 in the 6th minute. Puneri Paltan  tried to get touch and tackle points to regain their full strength but  was All Out in the 11th minute raid by Abhishek Singh.

Atrachali was the star for U Mumba as he got 4 tackle points in as  many tackles. The half ended with U Mumba leading by 9 points with the  scoreline at 19-10.

The second half saw Puneri Paltan try to change their tactics as  they worked on their defense to reduce the gap through Super Tackles.  Shubham Shinde got an ankle hold on Vinod Kumar while More pulled him  from reaching the midline in the first raid of the half to get a Super  Tackle.

They continued with this technique as they reduced a 9 point lead  in the start to a 4 point lead by the 30th minute by regularly picking  up Super Tackles.

Pune continued to have just three men on the mat for a while. The  32nd minute raid by Abhishek Singh became the catalyst for U Mumba to  inflict an All Out on Pune as he got both Ravi Kumar and Sandeep Narwal.

This raid was reviewed by Puneri Paltan as they believed that the  raider was pushed out of the mat before he crossed the midline with his  hand, only to notice in the replays that his body was still in the  lobby.

The next raid saw Surender Singh dash Deepak Dahiya out of the mat and complete the procedure of an All Out to make it 28-18.

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