Pub to pay for customer’s death headstone

Pub to pay for customer’s death headstone

Pub to pay for customer’s death headstone

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You may wonder why a pub would be willing to pay for their customer’s death headstone….. Well, this pub has its own special reason for it.

George Pub and Grill in County Durham which has recently re-opened its doors following a fire earlier this year bangs on with its launch of a brand new burger challenge for its customers and promises to pay for the their death stone in case of any mishap.

Called the Big Ben Number 10 costs £28.95 which is around Rs.2,510 in Indian money, this dish features a stack of 10 burgers smothered in cheese and to make things even meatier, each layer is topped with bacon which weighs 1.5kg each and contains around 12,000 calories, which is five times more than your daily recommended intake.

You can also splash a little more cash to add extra bacon and cheese to the challenge in case you want your meal to be even more deadlier.

If you’re thinking that the feast sounds like a heart attack waiting to take its turn, you’d be right . The pub’s owner, Craig Harker, even advises people to eat it at their own risk.

He even pledges to pay “compensation” of up to £500 (which is around Rs.43,400 in Indian money) of his own money towards a headstone, if anyone should happen to die while attempting the Big Ben Number 10.

A Competitive eater Kyle Gibson has already taken on the extreme challenge and was said to have polished off the entire thing in just 21 minutes and 56 seconds.

Speaking afterwards, he said the burger was the “best ever tasted”.

Well that sounds like a tasty juicy death challenge!!!

Ganesh Trinitymirror

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