Putin extends e-visa facility to Indian tourists

Moscow, Aug 14:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on the introduction of a single entry electronic visa for 53 nationalities visiting Russia effective from Jan 1 2021.

The move was welcomed by the tourism sector, saying it was a step that would eventually strengthen Russia’s position as a major player in global tourism.

The Russian Information Center in India commented that the eVisa would enable Indian tourists to book their tours to Russia just five days before the intended date of departure making the process simple and quick and most of the package tours sold in India are for less than 16 days.

Russia has previously introduced simplified e-visas for visitors to St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad and the Far East

The system for issuing paper entry visas to Russia is outdated and has become a barrier to tourists in the age of digitalization, officials commented.

A universal single-entry electronic visa will radically simplify the process of obtaining a permit, allowing a foreign citizen to stay in Russia for up to 16 days in a period of up to 60 calendar days.

In addition, guests will not be restricted to a specific region but will be able to move freely around the country to any region of their choice.

The e-tourist visa, which will launch in 2021, should help revive tourism after being hard hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Citizens of 53 countries, including India, will be able eligible.

The tourist will only need to fill out an online application, which will be reviewed by the Foreign Ministry within four days.

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