Queenstown an adventure capital of the world

Queenstown, a vibrant town of Newzealand is more a verb than a noun. This city of action spruiks itself the ‘adventure capital of the world’. Queenstown is the birthplace of bungy jumping, and the list of adventures one can throw ones self in a encyclopedic form, from alpine heliskiing to zip-lining that is sure to trigger heart rate and adrenaline rush in each and every visitors. Queenstown is not just a playground. It is also a place to overlook for its cosmopolitan dining and arts scene, its fine vineyards, and the diverse range of bars that can make evenings as fun-filled as the days.
Lake Wakatipu
Shaped like a cartoon lightning bolt, Lake Wakatipu is Newzealand’s third-largest lake. Sitting below sea level this river has five rivers flowing into it but only one that flows out. If water looks clean and is rated 99.9% pure by scientists that allows one to dip their glass in the lake than buying bottled water. There is anUnderwater Observatory with six windows that showcases life under the lake with its reverse aquarium. Māori tradition sees the lake’s shape as the burnt outline of the evil giant Matau sleeping with his knees drawn up and has thier very own versions of it. Pick up boat trails to speed yourself up and explore deep canyons around the region on a canyoning escapade. Parasailings here lifts you high above the lake as you sail along behind a boat, enjoying the thrill of the ride and the beautiful scenery from above.
Kawaru Bridge
Located at the gateway to Queenstown on Gibbston Valley a vinery, the Kawarau Bungy Centre is a ‘must- visit’ destination. This is the ‘World Home of Bungy’. The Bungy Centre clings from a cliff face above the gorge, getting one close and personal with the Bungy phenomenon, whether jumping or not. This is sure a place to take the leap or to zip yourself up.
Skyline Gondola
Hop aboard for fantastic views as the gondola squeezes through pine forest to its grandstand location 400m above Queenstown. It also offers Queenstown Bike Park, Skyline Luge, Ledge Bungy, Ledge Swing and Ziptrek Ecotours. Walking trails include the skyline loop trackthrough a 940m trail which the energetic can opt for.

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