Queenstown, the crowned princess of Newzealand

Queenstown, the crowned princess of Newzealand

Queenstown, the crowned princess of Newzealand

Queenstown, a resort town of otago, Newzealand, sits at the base of steep mountains, on the edge of a lake making itself a place with an incredible mix of gorgeous views, great food, fun outdoor activities. Queenstown is as much a verb as a noun, a place of doing that likes to spruik itself as the ‘adventure capital of the world’. Being the birthplace of bungy jumping, one can throw themselves in adventures from alpine heliskiing to zip-lining. It’s rare that a visitor leaves without having tried something that ups their heart rate.

Other than leaping, lunging or lugeing, one can also find places to sit beside lakes and watch the ever-dynamic play of light on the Remarkables and Lake Wakatipu, creating one of the most beautiful and dramatic natural scenes in NewZealand. It is a destination in which one can expect unexpected experience.

Flaunting flows

With a length of 50 miles, the sublime Lake of Wakatipu is New Zealand’s longest and third largest lake. With its renowned majestic beauty, Lake Wakatipu attracts its visitors to put themselves in walking, cycling, and picnicking along the lake’s elongated shores.

Shotover River is other favourite among thrill-seekers with its fast currents which makes this one of the best places for jet boating and white water rafting.

Kawarau Gorge is yet another flowing beauty with rapid currents and narrow stretches for adventure seekers. The Kawarau Gorge has a Suspension Bridge renowned for being the birthplace of commercial bungee jumping.

Peaks to tweet

Queenstown the adobe of beauty has herself crowned with the enormous peaks. FlickrBob’s Peak being one with best panoramic views in town can be reached with a self-guided trek or the Skyline Gondola, Queenstown is so famous for.

Then lies the Remarkables mountain range rising sharply up the clear skies to create a beautiful backdrop along the waters. Being picturesque of unalterd admiration, it is also a prime destination for skiers and snowboarders.

Adventourous beauty

Famous for housing the world’s biggest rope swing, the Nevis Valley is one of Queenstown’s most iconic adventure sights. The Nevis Bungy platform is also the third highest in the world, coming in at 134 metres that is 439.6 feet. The valley is slightly off the beaten track, and can only be accessed via a shuttle service that departs from downtown.

PixabayArrowtown a former gold mining establishment of Queenstown is a small township located on the banks of Arrow River, and is lined with well-preserved buildings from its past. Along with holding a special place in local history, the town is also renowned for its vivacious autumnal colours that attracts people of all age group.

Affectionately known as New Zealand’s adventure capital, Queenstown makes it a place that strikes the perfect balance between awe-inspiring natural beauty and iconic heart-pumping attractions.

Queenstown has got Glenorchy as its getaway. The small settlement has got an international fame for its cinematic appearances through the historic Lord of the Rings triology.

Queenstown being a place of huge attraction has a cuisine of chinese, asian and korean blended with New Zealand culture. Besides vines remain favourite. Salt and sweet crisp cookies makes this Queenstown a food destination.

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