Revisit Kodai

Revisit Kodai

Revisit Kodai

Comprised of densely wooded jungles, undulating hill slopes, meandering rivers, cascading waterfalls, and verdure valleys-Kodaikanal’s scenic beauty never fails to mesmerise travellers.

From boating in lakes to taking a walk in the hills, to exploring caves and even offering prayers at religious spots-things to do in Kodaikanal are almost endless.

Being one of South India’s often visited places, here are some reasons why you need to Kodaikanal again;

Boating and cycling at Kodai Lake

The great part of the lake is that it is accessible to everyone and is bursting with energy, especially during the holiday season. Boating is the key activity here, and is perfect to engage kids. The roads around the lake are meant walking, horse riding and small shops that sell predictable souvenirs. Hire cycles, take a spin around the lake. These can be hired near Hotel Carlton for a ride on smooth curvy roads around the lake, or take a longer route to Pine Forest, Chettiar Park ending in Coaker’s Walk.

The lake opens out for boating at about 7.00 a.m

Trek to Kookal Caves

Kookal caves are situated 40 kms away from the Kodai town. An overnight trek with a stop at Poombarai and then hike up through the forest to a government guest house.

The next morning, walk again through the Shola grasslands to the caves of earliest settlements of Paliyan tribes. It is highly recommended to take a guide. Also, be careful about leeches!

Saturday Market

Find different varieties of organic vegetables and fruits and herbs, grown without any pesticides and artificial fertilizers, a regular organic farmer’s market is set up every Saturday in Kodai. You can find local farmers with their fresh produce between 9.30 and 12.30. The market only encourages organically grown produce to be part of the display.

Pick out some healthy and nutritious food for yourself and also meet some great organisations who promote organic eating lifestyle.

Fruit picking

If you arrive in the fruit season and choose to visit a farm, you can join the workers there in fruit picking, especially strawberries. You can then sit and enjoy the sumptuous delights!

Kodaikanal’s Organic Farmers Market is open for three hours every Saturday. Buy fresh organic fruits and vegetables from here and pluck some of them fresh from the farm too!

Say Cheeese

Visit “Caroselle – The Gourmand’s Cheese “, to get a first-hand experience of organic, handmade cheese. The place is located in a very silent beautiful location away from the noise and pollution of the main Kodaikanal tourist place. Watch cheese being made if you are lucky see their collection of ageing cheese in the cellar. The speciality of the cheese is that it is made from the milk of cross bred Friesian-Holsteins cows, that are well taken care by them, at the valley.

They are located at Pethuparai, via Perumal Malai on Palani Road, Kodaikanal.

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