Rising cases in Chennai worries me: Khushbu

Actress-politician Khushbu, who thanked the TN govt the other day for granting permission for resuming shooting of TV serials and shows, took to Twitter to express her concern on the steady rise in the number of corona cases in Chennai. On Saturday night, she tweeted, “With number of #covid19 cases rising in Chennai, it worries me.” To a follower who said that govt has been asking people to learn to live with corona, she replied, “We have to..till we find a vaccine, we have to learn to live with it.”

On Sunday morning, she again took to her social media account to request people to embrace precautionary measures like using masks and maintain social distancing. She also asked people to be intelligent and not to develop a bad attitude or over confidence that the virus may not affect them. Khushbu further tweeted, “Nothing is permanent in life, not even #COVID19 ..It has to go..all we need to do is be intelligent n not spread it further..wear masks everytime u step out,not gather in large numbers n not have an attitude that it won’t come to u. It will get u if u don’t take care..so TC, PLS.”

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