Sack full of killed crows seized

Sack full of killed crows seized

Sack full of killed crows seized

In a startling revelation made by a bird-hunter, who was taken for interrogation, it came to the light that several bars attached with wine shops in the district suburban area, particularly, in Kulathur, have been making the supply of crow-meat to its customers, instead of broiler-chicken food.

The District Forest Officials who recently arrested a person with a sack full of killed crows revealed the shocking fact, sources said.

The customers who used to go to bars would always demand broiler chicken food items including fried mutton varieties when consuming alcohol at bars. Several customers, who were in the inebriated mood, would taste them as their dishes while consuming alcohol without knowing the fact, that they are eating cooked crow-meat items.

According to sources, the public who saw recently, several crows that were killed were strewn around on a platform and urged the Forest Department officials to take immediate action.

When a team of officials visited the sport, they found that around 40 crows which were killed by feeding poisonous food were kept in a sack of the hunter.

The officials also arrested a person who was responsible for the killings of all the crows, to make a supply to bars attached with wine shops.

Following the incident, the District Forest Department have jointly made an appeal to the public to inform about the killings of any bird, had they come across any incident.

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