Salman Khan earns Rs 8 cr per episode for Bigg Boss 13

With the popular reality TV show “Bigg Boss 13” getting an extension, superstar and host Salman Khan has also reportedly got a pay hike. Uncomnfirmed reports state he will be getting Rs 8.5 crore per episode, which marks a hike of Rs 2 crore from what he was earlier taking home.

Several reports claim that the Salman was getting Rs 6.5 crore per episode earlier, and a two-crore hike per episode would mean the Bollywood superstar will be taking home over Rs 200 crore for the entire season.

“Bigg Boss 13” was originally set to conclude in January. It is being reported that the show has been extended by another five weeks, and the finale will now be aired in February.

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