‘Santhoshathil Kalavaram’ face-off between good, evil


Director: Kranthi Prasad

Cast : Niranth, Rudra Aura, Aaryan, Ravi Mariya, Gouthami Jadav, C.Kalyan, Apeksha Panchal, Soujanya, Shivani, Jai Jagannadh, Alex, Swamy

Directed by Kranthi Prasad ‘Santhoshathil Kalavaram’ is a movie about the battle between good and evil forces. Eight friends from the same college go on a tour to celebrate the birthday of a student at a cottage in a jungle.

The film begins with a group of friends — five guys and four girls — going into a forest to celebrate the birthday of Vicky (Rahul C Kalyan) in his guest house. The presence of the supernatural is established very early in the film with Vicky frequently getting cryptic dreams about impending death.

The gang, which comprises of boys and girls, forms four pairs based on their liking for each other and ensures all of them have a gala time. As time passed by, they start sensing the existence of an evil spirit, except one in the group, who maintains distance from others because of his peculiar behavior. Though he is often made fun of by others in the group, as the sequences progress, he becomes the savior of the entire gang. His supernatural powers and expertise about nature, helps the group overcome a lot of hurdles which pose threat to them.

The romantic portions of the four pairs, too, do not make any impact. After a point, we lose interest in the proceedings as the screenplay moves slowly without a solid purpose.

All the newcomers in the movie have acted well and special mention has to be made about Venu who keeps calm throughout the movie and gets under the skin of his character.Music by Sivanag has done justice to the genre and adds eeriness to the flick. Cinematography by Paulius Kontijevas (USA), Harrisen Logan Howes(USA), Sravan Kumar has captured the forest and cottage in a beautiful manner.

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