Seen Pune maid’s visiting card?


Visiting card of a housemaid, Geeta Kale is ruling the internet at recent times. She works as a house-help in Pune at Dhanashree Shinde’s residence apart from other places. As for the rest, you need to know the story behind the visiting card because it is simply heartwarming. Asmita Javdekar, a Facebook user, narrated the aforementioned episode in a post that has gone viral on social media.

Geeta lost a job recently due to a “situational issue” and Dhanashree found her “visibly upset” about it after she returned home from the office. “The bigger problem being, an income deficit, close to 4000 rupees a month,” Asmita wrote in her post.

Dhanashree was equally distressed about the incident and decided to help Geeta. To do so, she “put her branding skills to good use. Within twenty-four hours, a smart business card was designed and 100 cards printed.”

The society watchman stepped into the scenario as well as Dhanashree told Geeta to distribute the cards in their neighbourhood with his help. “This seemingly small step taken towards extending help catapulted into an unimaginable reaction! Not only has this unique business card become an overnight internet sensation but also, Maushi’s phone just hasn’t stopped ringing,” Asmita added.

Geeta has been getting “job offers from every corner of India” and she is elated. Her story has gone viral by now. “And, it all started with a little flicker in a good heart wanting to share its flame with another candle,” Asmita said.

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