Senegal’s scenic beauty

Senegal’s scenic beauty

Senegal’s scenic beauty

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Senegal is a traveler’s delight located on the west coast of the continent of Africa. This incredible African country features several natural worth-visiting spots and impressive French colonial heritage. Dakar is popular as the capital of Senegal. Amazing wildlife, enchanting beaches, rich culture, and spellbinding islands attract lots of tourists to explore Senegal. And, if you are planning to visit Senegal, you need to know some of the most popular tourist attractions to explore.

Pink Lake

Pink Lake, also well-known as Retba Lake, is a spectacular lake full of pink-purple color. It has known to possess large amount of salt content and unique species of bacteria. Watch this spellbinding lake in the reflection of the sunlight offers you a stunning view. Drive for an hour to north from the capital Dakar to watch incredible salt harvesting.


Dakar has seriously outgrown its perch on the Cap-Vert Peninsula.It now sprawls eastwards into the arid dust plains to the east, and bursts out over the dockside jetties in a medley of lively trader ships and fish-scented marketplaces.The port is what has driven the boom in both population and size, not to mention imbued the city with an enticing multiculturalism and energy.So, be sure to drop by the curious Soviet-esque rises of the African Renaissance Monument, the acclaimed Museum of African Arts, and the old Dutch slave trade ruins on Goree Island.

Petite Cote

Walk to the south of Dakar to find a peaceful, spectacular beach area which is widely popular as Petit Cote. This exquisite coastal region stretches more than 150 km. Watch eye-catching golden sandy beaches and spellbinding Atlantic waters and spend a pleasant time on the beach. You can find here some of the biggest tourist oriented towns, namely Saly Portugal and Mbour, and some wonderful hotels. Explore beautiful green areas. And, enjoy playing golf on the golf courses.


A patchwork of pastel-painted colonial builds and age-stained frontispieces dressed in European filigrees and Parisian designs, there’s no denying the immersive colonial character of Ziguinchor. And while the major sights here are few and far between – the bustling Marche Saint Maur des Fosses, the curious roundabouts of the Place Jean-Paul II – the real draw is the earthy African character of the place. What’s more, Ziguinchor also happens to be the gateway of choice to the Casamance region.

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