Sochi, a Russian riviera

Gateway to the optimistically named ‘Russian Riviera’, Sochi is a Black Sea resort with a lively boardwalk and glorious sunsets. In summer, coastline nightclubs pump out booming baselines from dusk till dawn. Away from the embankment, magnolia- and cypress-filled parks provide a fine setting for strolling. And just outside of town, the Agura Valley offers easily accessible hiking amid waterfalls and sublime views.
While the sea is warm and the climate subtropical, Sochi’s beaches are disappointingly rocky and grey. You might find finer white sand at some private beaches in the summer months. In any case, the peak beach-going season sees substantially higher prices.
Take a walk through Riviera Park:
Riviera Park, founded in 1898, was the private property of the famous Moscow merchant V.A. Khludov. You can discover around 250 species of plants here, some of which are very rare. Nowadays, there is also a theatre, a dolphin park and a thrilling amusement park for children and parents to enjoy.
Take a boat or yacht cruise:
Boats and yachts are available on a daily basis to take you on a cruise along the Black Sea coast. Grab some hot mulled wine for your trip, and enjoy a relaxing journey admiring the natural landscape around you.
Try and buy caviar at a trout farm:
It’s a well-known fact that no Russian meal is complete without salmon caviar. Here in Sochi, you can find everything pertaining to this delicacy, from globally produced caviar to local varieties. Sochi trout farms produce a healthy product that tastes good and is less expensive.
Visit Rosa Khutor Ski Resort:
Visitors from all over the world visit Rosa Khutor, located close to the Krasnaya Polyana. This resort has fun activities for everyone and provides visitors with an opportunity to spend a perfect weekend skiing, snowboarding or hiking.
Try fresh Russian lavash:
Lavash is a type of flatbread that’s best eaten when it is just out of the oven, and visitors will find a place that bakes it on almost every corner of the city, with bakers usually cooking it right in front of their customers. The bread goes well with savoury meals but is also delicious served with sugar alongside a cup of tea, coffee or even soft drinks.

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