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Sprawling bulk of Bandung!

Sprawling bulk of Bandung!

Bandung, capital of Indonesia’s West Java province, is a large city set amid volcanoes and tea plantations. It’s known for colonial and art deco architecture, a lively, university-town feel and – thanks to its 768m elevation – relatively cool tropical weather. Bandung is also a shopping destination, with fashion outlets clustered along Jalan Setiabudi and Jalan Riau in the Dago district.


A tranquil place in West Bandung, Lembang is blessed with an abundance of natural wealth and pleasant weather. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Bandung, Indonesia. The cool climate and fresh air are what makes this region ideal for agricultural plantations. Lembang has many trendy little caf-s where you can take amazing pictures to share on social media. Check out Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place, one of the most Instagrammable caf-s.

Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih is definitely on the top of the list of attractions to see in Bandung for its stunningly beautiful lake. It is 2 hours away from Bandung city center and in the highland, but it is worth to do. The place is cooling but beware of sunburn as it is still really sunny here without feeling it. It is a sulphuric lake as it comes from a volcano. The entire area can be explored in 30 minutes. Many people come here either by car hire or through a Kawah Putih, Bandung Tour.

Bandung Institute of Technology

Established in 1920, the Bandung Institute of Technology (also known as Institute of Technology, Bandung or ITB) is the oldest technology-oriented university in Indonesia. It has a beautiful campus with countless trees throughout, giving students a shady spot to study, read, etc. It is a great place to relax and chill. ITB is a historical building that is worth exploring. When you go on a Bandung sightseeing trip.

Eat at Kampung Daun

One of the Bandung’s best restaurant, many tourists come here for the relaxing ambiance with bamboo huts, streams, and waterfall. Food is not especially delicious, but it is extensive and inexpensive. Come here for the overall experience of enjoying Indonesian cuisine in a comfortable and serene outdoor setting.

Treetop Adventure Park

If you are wondering what to see in Bandung with your family, one of the best places for everyone to enjoy is Bandung Treetop Adventure Park. You can engage in a number of outdoor activities, like the Flying Fox challenges, which range in difficulty based on the visitors age. It is unique from other places in the city as it offers adventure and excitement in the great outdoors. .

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