SRM girl enters Guinness book for research on cybersecurity

M Rafi Ahmed

For Vyshnavi Garipelly, a final year computer science and engineering student at SRM University, Andhra Pradesh, the words of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates—The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something before you feel good about yourself—prompted her to think out-of-the-box to do an extensive research on cybersecurity. Her innovative study in implementing Blockchain technology to enhance cybersecurity thereby preventing cyber attacks drove her to enter the Guinness book of records. And her findings were published at the International Conference on Recent Challenges in Engineering and Technology (ICRCET) on October 30 this year.   “It was wonderful to explore the possibilities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during the Semester Abroad Programme. I came across with success when I won some of the hackathons at Denver and California with the bounties. The opportunity to work on Blockchain and cybersecurity knocked on my door while I was staying there,” remarked Vyshnavi.  
Under her research, she has explored the possibility of Blockchain Technology into two significant areas of Cyber Security—­­Implementing Security in Private message and  Transaction security developed by COIN APP. With the net shrinking the world into a global village, more people are joining social media and Vyshnavi’s research has a massive impact on society, as numerous attacks have been executed against social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These attacks resulted in data breaches with millions of accounts being hacked and user info landing into the wrong hands. Blockchain technologies, if well implemented in these messaging systems, may prevent such future cyberattacks.COINAPP is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency application for resource-constrained businesses, that are not currently equipped to handle the ledger information securely. It replaces third party transaction vendors, and it keeps all transactional data between two peers encrypted. The boosted level of security helps companies to keep transparent records in a public sphere.

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