Star cat Garfield die in UK car accident

A 12-year-old cat that built a large social media profile for hanging out at his local supermarket has died in a car accident, the British media reported Wednesday.
Ginger tom Garfield became a familiar sight at Sainsbury”s in Ely, Cambridgeshire, after the store was built on his old stomping ground.
News of his death was broken to his 6,300 Facebook followers on Tuesday, the BBC reported.
Owner David Willers said: “Garfield brought joy to all our lives and his memory and legacy lives on.” He said the pet was hit by a car in the supermarket car park, and despite the efforts of a vet, he died of his injuries.
“With great sadness, we have to report that Garfield died a short while ago,” Willers wrote.
“He was hit by a car in Sainsbury”s car park earlier this afternoon and was rushed to the vet but they were unable to save him.
“Give your own cat an extra cuddle tonight and remember Garfy with love.” More than 1,100 messages of condolence from well-wishers have been left on his dedicated page.
Garfield – who was known as Mr Sainsbury”s – first started visiting the store when it was built in 2012 on a meadow opposite the flat where he lived.
He regularly made the trip to the store and became popular with customers and staff.
A book about his adventures sold out within half an hour, with Garfield “signing” copies with a special paw print stamp in Ely Library.
The stamp was modelled on his real paw, the report said.

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