Steps to be followed upon landing in India

Steps to be followed upon landing in India

Steps to be followed upon landing in India

With Corona declared a pandemic by WHO, people are refrained from traveling except in case of emergency. Here are a few things to keep in mind while traveling to India from abroad, for the safety of you and your travel mates.

Please report to the airline and crew members if you have a cough, fever or high temperature or are experiencing some trouble in breathing.

In case you are experiencing the above symptoms immediately ask the airline crew for a protective mask and wear it at all times.

Do not come in close proximity or contact with your family members or co-passengers — maintain a safe distance.

While disembarking from flights, please follow the instructions given by airline crew and flight personnel.

At the airport, fill the self-reporting form, declare your symptoms to the airport’s medical staff or health personnel, and share with them your complete travel itinerary in detail.

If you have returned from any COVID-19 or coronavirus-affected country in the past 14 days and are experiencing fever, cough and breathing troubles, then call the Helpline number immediately and follow the instructions.

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