Stockholm, stock of stunning cities!

Stockholm, stock of stunning cities!

Stockholm, stock of stunning cities!

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Stockholm takes the cake when it comes to beautiful cities. Located on 14 islands, the Swedish capital is filled with both medieval buildings and innovative contemporary architecture. One-third of the area within the city limits is made up of water, while another third comprises parks and woodlands. As a result, Stockholm is one of Europe’s healthiest cities and a great place in which to spend time.

The Royal Palace

Stockholm’s Royal Palace is the official residence of His Majesty the King, but also houses a number of excellent attractions open to the public, such as the Royal Apartments, the Royal Treasury, and the Museum of Antiquities. It’s a wonderful place to spend the day (be sure to catch the Changing of the Guard) before heading over to Gamla Stan (The Old Town) next door.

Vasa Museum

The incredible Vasa battleship was intended to be the pride of the Swedish Imperial fleet, yet in a forerunner of the Titanic disaster centuries later, sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. An amazing salvage operation took place in 1961, and now you can marvel at this glorious time capsule, 95 percent of which is entirely original. The three masts on the roof of the museum are not just a tourist draw; they were reconstructed to the exact height and specifications of the original masts. This is the most visited museum in Sweden, and rightfully so.

Gamla Stan

This old town is the place where Stockholm took birth in the early 13th century. Located at the little island of Stadsholmen, the ancient and narrow cobbled streets gives a medieval vibe which is adorned with many souvenir shops, bars and restaurants. And before leaving make sure to not miss out the Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, which is the narrowest street of Stockholm. The Gamla Stan is one of places to visit in Stockholm for free and explore the historical treasures of the town.


Fotografiska is a paradise for the people crazy about capturing moments and one of the top places to visit in Stockholm, as this museum reveals a unique side of contemporary photography. The place hosts four unique large exhibitions and 20 smaller exhibitions annually which attracts a large number of audiences. This museum has perfectly preserved contacts sheets, burned rolls and cameras of past 100 years. Apart from this the main highlight of the place is the drink tasting session of Cava and Rose daily in the evening.

Famous Food

Princess Cake

Each country has their own specialty when it comes to cakes and pastries, and Sweden has its own green princess cake topped with a bright pink sugar rose. The third week in September is officially the week of the princess cake since the Swedish princess, Märtha, was born on the 22nd of September. However, the cake itself can be seen during special festivals or birthdays. The story behind the cake’s name comes from Prince Carl Bernadotte’s daughters: Princesses Margaretha, Märtha and Astrid, who loved the cake their teacher Jenny Åkerström made them for their birthdays.

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