Stoners save abondoned Tiger in Texas

Stoners save abondoned Tiger in Texas

Stoners save abondoned Tiger in Texas

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Houston, Feb13:

Smoking marijuana is known to land people in trouble but this time, a stoner’s urge to smoke pot helped rescue an overweight tiger from an abandoned house in the US.The tiger, a female, was inside a ‘rinky-dink’ cage with its door unlatched NBC reported. It was apparently held in the house illegally before the residents abandoned her along with the house.

The tipster initially thought that the potent marijuana was making them hallucinate. However, they called the police after ascertaining that the it was a real tiger. The overweight wild cat weighed about 1000 lbs.

Livestock Animal Cruelty unit responded with immediate efforts to rescue the animal which, according to a report in FOX news, was found in very bad condition. Due to its weight, it had to be manually lifted out of the small cage it was stuck in. The animal was rescued on Monday and sent to BARC centre, an organistaion that deals with animal rescues, care and protection. BARC is currently trying to contact local sanctuaries to find a home for the big cat.

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