Sudan’s scenic beauty

Sudan’s scenic beauty

Sudan’s scenic beauty

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With Sahara desert and great Nile covering most of its length, the republic of Sudan with its colorful past and interesting cultural elements is attracting visitors from all over the world now a days. Sudan is bordered by neighbors like Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Chad etc and water body like Red Sea. Not every country in the world has such interesting natural landmarks as well as historic past like Sudan. Khartoum is the capital which has excellent staying facility for guests. A tourist can plan his or her tour staying in Khartoum.


The onetime epicentre of the ancient Napata Kingdom is a truly otherworldly place to explore.Set out between the ochre-hued rises of the Sudanese desert, just north of the capital, its comprised of over 200 individual pyramid structures, along with a whole serious of fascinating ruins of another type.This bears all the hallmarks of a grand architectural undertaking in the same ilk as the Nubian cities of old, and today the whole area has been accredited by UNESCO, and archaeological findings have confirmed the presence of an advanced civilisation of iron smelters and traders with mercantile links all the way to China and India!


An iconic and historic place that still touts its medieval past with pride, it was once one of the major staging points for Muslim pilgrims making the hop across to Arabian Mecca from North Africa.Consequently, there are gilded mosques and interesting religious structures carved from coral stone, all of which mingle with the occasional Ottoman relic – Suakin later succumbed to the Turks, but fell into swift decline as European traders opened up routes around the Cape of Good Hope.


Another great ancient relic left on the meanders of the Nile River from the civilisations of old, Kerma promises to be an experience like no other in the country.At its center rises the soaring and mighty Western Deffufa one of the largest and oldest adobe worshipping houses on the planet! And once you’re done getting over the sheer awesomeness of that centrepiece, you can move to tour the seemingly endless array of ruins that surround it. These go from burial complexes to the unearthed statues of old Nubian deities, all of which boast a history going back more than 5,000 years!


Khartoum the capital of modern Sudan is the one of the largest cities in the country. Khartoum is politically an important place from long ago. There were historic battle and sieges took place like conflict between British army and force of Mahdi in 19th century. Now a tourist can view all the historic information about the city and the country in the National Museum in Khartoum. There are other museums too. The other attractions of the capital city include the camel market of Omdurman.

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