Summer Himalayan Treks

Summer Himalayan Treks

Summer Himalayan Treks

Rupin Pass Trek

Difficulty level: Can be moderately challenging to difficult

8 day trek which starts at a small hamlet in Uttarkashi, named Dhaula and ends at the city of Sangla which lies in the Baspa Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The path goes from several desolated places of the mountain ranges of Himalaya. Experience camping at river banks, under the sky or and amidst the snow capped mountains and dense forest.

What is astonishing about Rupin Pass Trek is the constantly changing scenery throughout the journey which is both thrilling and captivating.

Roopkund Trek

Difficulty level: Moderate to difficult

There is beauty, there is adventure, there are stories and there definitely is mystery in this journey of the Roopkund Trek.

An eight day trek to Roopkund, a lake that lies in the Garhwal Mountains of Chamoli, also known as Mystery Lake and skeletal lake. It got its name owing to several hundred of human skeletons that were found here by a Forest Officer in the year 1942. Eventually, it was found out to be a group of pilgrimages who died here due to ferocious hailstorm.

Apart from the mystery, the trek also offers some of the most spectacular, dream like views of the beauty of lakes, forests, green pastures, and snow White Mountains. Trekking to 15900ft abv sea level needs some experience and physical health to cope up with thinning air and unexpected climatic changes.


Hampta Pass Trek

Difficulty level: Easy to mild

If you only have a week’s holiday, which you want to spend on trekking, this is for 5 days.

Located in Manali at a height of 14,000 ft above sea level, the trek starts from Manali and ends at Chandrataal.

Experience vast scenic beauty, lush green pastures, waterfalls, vast stretch of pristine white snow, coniferous forests. The changing climatic conditions and scenery provide great opportunity to witness various forms of nature.

Although, this trek is moderate, by the end, slippery mud and rocks can make it a bit difficult.

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