TN’s state butterfly!

TN’s state butterfly!

TN’s state butterfly!

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Tamil Yeoman, a butterfly species commonly found in the Western Ghats, has been declared as the state butterfly of Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the fifth state in the country to announce its state butterfly. Also known as Tamil Maravan (which means warrior), this bright twany coloured creature is one among the 32 butterfly species found in the Western Ghats.

After three years of research and finding, the forest department and butterfly experts shortlisted two species – Tamil Yeoman and Tamil Lacewing. Based on the recommendation of the team the state government approved Tamil Yeoman as the state butterfly.

The scientists believe that the name of this butterfly reflects the tamil culture, besides it is endemic to evergreen forests of the western ghats which is the primary reason for it to be selected as the state butterfly.

While the butterfly becomes the pride of the state after such a declaration, the decision also helps conserve its ecosystem and paves the way for eco-tourism.

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