Targeted lockdowns

Targeted lockdowns

Targeted lockdowns


As Tamil Nadu is facing a serious crisis due to the spread of COVID-19, and the recovery rate is also disheartening, the government had to act fast to stop further spread of the deadly virus.

On Monday, Chennai recorded a total of 33,244 cases which is increasing. Chief Minister Edappaddi K Palaniswamy took a cautious and rational step adopting a targeted lockdown to keep inconvenience to the public in various parts of the state, minimum. Complete lockdown is announced for four districts- Chennai, Chengalpet, Kanceepuram and Thiruvallur from June 19 to 30 to arrest the increasing trend of covid curve.

This limited and targeted lockdown is absolutely necessary. The imposition of a lockdown in these four areas may create some hardship for the residents but it is the only way to flatten the curve. Past experience has shown that the locals were not very cooperative with the government, especially in the last month. Opposition parties are the least helpful. This is not the time for politics but perfect unity to end the misery of all.

At least, now people should extend support to the government to prevent the situation from going worse. The CM’s targeted lockdown strategy is the best at present.

It is also inevitable to create decentralized testing and hospital facilities in highly infected areas like Royapuram and Tondiarpet to prevent people from going out. It is time for the local physicians to treat mildly affected persons and advise them to stay at home. Perhaps it is already happening. Many OTC drugs may help at the very beginning.

It is for the residents of the identified and isolated areas to fully cooperate for 15 days by wearing masks and curtail unwanted walkout from home.

My view is that if you wear a mask, and keep the safe distance which is very tough but inevitable, you will not be a carrier or receiver. Follow the rules, and you will be happy after a few weeks. Unfortunately, the virus is smarter than all researchers, doctors, politicians, you and me. We should be smarter to contain it, if not kill it. Stay at home. Stay safe.

Ranjini Trinitymirror

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