Tension at the Peak- internal and external

Tension at the Peak- internal and external

Tension at the Peak- internal and external


Some people’s immaturity is intensified by their stupidity…Mokokoma Mokhonoana

It is a fact that no other leader in the world has to face so many challenges like India’s Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi is encountering now. It is perhaps much easier to handle the Chinese than coping with Rahul Gandhi’s abusive utterances at this time of worst challenges. It cannot be forgotten that Rahul Gandhi vented his anger on the surgical strike and asked proof for the airstrike. His traits never change. Now for narrow political gains, he calls PM as “Surrender Modi” as if he has surrendered the Indian soil to China. Rahul’s attitude is unfortunate. Instead of shutting his mouth, he now has to prove that what he said was true with facts and figures; otherwise, people will shun him as “joker”. He should have taken a cue from Sharad Pawar, Mayawati, and Mamata Banerjee who showed maturity in an all- party meeting. This is the time for showing patriotism, unity; not for creating doubts about the ruling party or its leadership.

It is a grim reality that a dangerous escalation at Indo-China border has resulted in casualties on both sides. India has lost 20 of its precious soldiers and China too also lost many. This is the first time in 53 years that skirmishes between India and China has led to fatalities. While the talks between flag officers to deescalate tensions was in the process, the fistfight took place. Both have carefully avoided gunshots on the Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The two sides disagree on the actual location of the border at 13 points from Ladakh to the tip of India’s northeast. India and China disagree on the actual length of the border itself. India and China have managed well to keep the tension under control so far in this frontier. In the past whenever apprehension arose in the border, “Indians and Chinese carried out banner patrols telling each other to push back”. Suddenly, why China chose to divert the attention of the world by indulging in the high peak of the Himalayas is a mystifying mystery. China is aware that the whole world is against it after the “Wuhan virus” that led to the death of millions and has paralyzed the entire world economy. With the world against it, China should be cautious and not indulge in a scuffle with India which has been its longtime friend.

On October 11, 2019, in the Modi –Xi jinping summit at Mamallapuram, many issues on Trade, boundary disputes and Kashmir were discussed. The expectation was a smooth flow of relationship and further strengthening of bondage between the two powerful nations. The sudden spurt of the deadly virus, 90 days after the informal summit changed the complexion of relationship between China and India.

Now the incident of a mini war- like situation requires positive action by both Delhi and Beijing. China should realize that the entire world is up against it and it has to face serious economic and internal disturbances. China should realize that India has a long history of warm political and business relations. It is in China’s interest to confine itself to its territory instead of antagonizing a good neighbor.

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