Thailand gets boost in Tourism

Thailand, Dec 05:

The travel industry faced the maximum burn due to the pandemic. With the ease in lockdown and travelling, travel industry felt little relief. Destinations like the Maldives, Goa became a few of the favourite places in the last few months. In October, Thailand witnessed a major boost in tourism for the first time in 6 months. Reportedly, the country saw more than 1000 foreign tourists in Southeastern Asian country.

According to Thailand’s tourism ministry data, tourists returned in small numbers on long-stay tourists visa, which was unveiled by the government last month. In October, Thailand used to host 3.07 million foreign tourists until a year ago. This is the first tourists stepped a foot in the country since March.

Thailand, officially known as Kingdom of Thailand is trying to revive tourism in the country which was badly hit due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Thailand government has now eased restrictions related to COVID-19 to boost businesses. Although, the Southeastern Asian country has retained a nationwide state of emergency in order to prevent a resurgence in the pandemic, as per Bloomberg.

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