The great ‘Emu’ war!

The great ‘Emu’ war!

The great ‘Emu’ war!

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In 1932 Australia went to war with Emus. Emu are native to Australia. These ridiculous flightless birds are surprisingly hard to kill and they basically do whatever they want. Emu became a problem in Australia’s Campion district, where 20 thousand of them were destroying farmland with their big bird feet. In those days Australia relied heavily on farming. So the government ordered a military operation against the emu.

A small army were sent to gun down the birds with ten thousand rounds of ammunition. And so the first battle began. The men opened fire but the Emu somehow ran out of range before any of them were hit. Here’s the problem. Whenever a mob of Emu sense danger they break into smaller groups and run in different directions. So they just kept escaping when shooting began and those freaks are fast thanks to their massive legs. But humans had technology. Machine guns were mounted on trucks to chase down escaping Emu people. But still the emu were too fast for the trucks.

After multiple battles and thousands of rounds of ammunition, more than 19 thousand emu remained and Australia decided to just give up. Emu had defeated man in the greatest, most glorious victory of all time. It was a major embarrassment for the government, who ordered the operation partly as a PR move. They even sent a camera crew to record the whole thing. It wasn’t their finest moment.

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