The toxic woman!

The toxic woman!

The toxic woman!

The unresolved history of the toxic women, Gloria Ramirez draws back in time to 1994. When Gloria was brought to the Riverside General Hospital, USA on February 19, 1994, the staff assumed her issues were simply related to advanced-stage cervical cancer. She was in pain, confused, suffering from poor breathing and an incredibly high pulse. The nurses took their usual action, giving sedatives and restoring back to defribrillating her. It was around this time they began to notice something even stranger about the patient.

Ramirez’s body was covered in some sort of oil, and smelled of fruit and garlic and that of Ammonia, which some of her staff blamed her breath. But it was later while drawing blood from her body that a RN realised that the smell was coming from her blood.

The RN passed on the syringe, blood still inside, to a resident. The resident noted particles floating around in the blood, just before that RN fainted and had to be removed from Ramirez’s Bedside. Soon after, the resident began feeling nauseous, and soon she also passed out. The same happend to the others who tried to assist Ramirez.

After 35 minutes of crew continuing to work on Ramirez despite these alarming occurrences, she passed away due to kidney failure related to her advanced cancer.

Some scientists later said that the staff were simply suffering from mass hysteria, but the staff fervently deny this. Another scientist believed that Ramirez may have been using a home degreaser as a pain reliever, which could have created a gas in the room, causing the workers’ pain. To this day, Ramirez’s family, the workers, and investigators have not settled the debate.

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