The unexplored side of Goa

The unexplored side of Goa

The unexplored side of Goa

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Snuggled into the West-end of the country lies India’s pocket sized paradise Goa.

When thinking of Goa, the first thing to strike your mind is beach and booze. Well, we don’t blame you, that is pretty much what everyone thinks is going on there. From Hidden water falls to ancient caves and under-the-radar heritage sites, Goa is a treasure trove of unusual experiences.

There is a hidden side to this seaside state for those who want to travel off the beaten path;

Here are 5 lesser known places you must visit

1. Bubbling Lake, Netravali

Clap and watch the lake bubble.

Tucked away in the middle of spice farms, in the village of Netravali, Sanguem, lies an rectangular steep well lake. Though it was artificially made 300-400 years ago, it is a freshwater lake that gets it water from underground springs.

Why does it bubble?

During the construction of the lake, a layer of sand trapped aquatic plants that emit Methane gas at the base. Whenever there is slight movement over the surface this gas tries to escape, in the form of small bubbles.

Visually the bubbles look beautiful when they pop up and create concentric circles, keeping your eyes engaged for a long time.

2. Chorla Ghats

If you are bored of the beaches in Goa, it is time to explore the hinterlands Goa has to offer. Chorla Ghats tops the list.

Located at Karnataka-Maharashtra-Goa Border, this enthralling hillock is home to endangered and rare species of fauna and flora in Sahyadri Ranges. Being a part of the Western Ghats it is a delight for ecologists, biologists, trekkers and bikers.

Home to many small waterfalls and a big one ‘Vazira Shakira’, a twin waterfall from a hill covered in forests.

Chorla Ghats reminds you there is hillside to Goa as well.

3. Harvalem Waterfalls

Goa’s high volume waterfalls, attracts tourists every monsoon.

Located at a short distance from the town of Bicholim, in the village of Sanquelim, lies this 50mt waterfall.

Though this waterfall isn’t as awe-inspiring as the Dudhsagar waterfall, it is very interesting in other aspects as such.

Set amidst lush surroundings with the Rudreshwar temple in its vicinity. The government has developed a viewing park not so far from the waterfall, so you not only enjoy splashes but also enjoy the view peacefully.

4. Grande Island

Beside Goa’s Beautiful beaches, we also see few clean and natural islands in Arabian sea. Among those few are llha Grande Island, near Baina Beach.

The Boat Trip to Grande Island is more than just a boat ride with plenty of fun on the way. It takes you deep into Arabian sea, a chance to see many dolphins playing around your boat.

Snorkeling is one major attraction of the Grande island trip in Goa. Snorkeling is a simpler water-sport than scuba diving with under water exploration.

Grand Island trip is one of the famous unique day outing tours in Goa.

5. Bogmalo Lake

Watch the sunset along with a heart shaped lagoon.

Located at a beautiful secluded spot near the coast guard colony in Chicolna there exists a secluded spot near the coast guard colony in Chicolna. Before you reach the spot, the path splits – one leading lower and one elevated above. Following the lower path will lead you to the lagoon – a heart-shaped water body a few meters from the waves crashing on rocks. The path goes along the water making for a perfect spot to spend a few hours. The higher path leads to the cliff, also called ‘Yes Point or Suicide Point’. If you stand at the out edge, you’re offered a 100 degree view of the ocean and surrounding coastal area, looking all the way up to Majorda on the South and Vasco on the North.

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