‘Thieves’ now running Pakistan, avers Imran


Maintaining that a ‘foreign political force’ was behind his ouster, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that dropping an atom bomb would be better than handing over the helm to the “thieves”.

PTI party chairman Khan made the remarks, while interacting with journalists at his Banigala residence, the media reported. He shared with journalists his perspective on where he apparently erred.

It became clear that he means establishment when he frequently uses the word ‘neutral’ in his speeches, interviews and tweets, said The News International.

The former PM said he was wrong in assessing that corruption was an issue for powerful quarters. In fact it was not, he learnt later.

Imran said that while he erred in making his assessment, the conspirators too could not gauge the magnitude of the masses’ protest against his ouster, The News International reported.

He said he was shocked to see the “thieves” being foisted on the country, adding that dropping an atomic bomb would have been better than handing over the helm to these people. He went on to ask if the country’s interests were not on the list of priorities of those who became part of the conspiracy against his government, the report said Imran Khan said the “thieves” brought into power destroyed every institution and the judicial system, asking now which government official would “probe” these criminals.

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