Tiger announces itself with a loud roar


Nature has its own peculiar ways in which living beings survive and that can be seen clearly when one visits the forests. A video of a tiger roaring loudly shared by IFS office Parveen Kaswan is a great example of this and is now going viral on the internet.

In the viral video, a tiger can be heard announcing itself with a loud roar as it walks on the banks of the Sunderban Tiger Reserve and the spine-chilling video will definitely give you goosebumps.

The video was shared by the IFS officer with the caption, “They say in #forest animals can hear tigers roar upto kilometers. And that is what terrifies them. Listen to believe. Here in an old video at Sunderban #Tiger Reseve tiger is registering its presence. Goosebumps guaranteed.”

According to the Parveen Kaswan, the roar of a tiger can be heard up to kilometers, which terrifies the animals living in the forest. This is also a way for tigers to announce their presence.

One can see the tiger in the video walking slowly between the trees in the Sunderban tiger reserve along the banks of the river. The tiger can be heard roaring loudly as it is announces its presence in the forest.

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