TN Govt provides 60% subsidy to farmers for forming solar-drier

TN Govt provides 60% subsidy to farmers for forming solar-drier

TN Govt provides 60% subsidy to farmers for forming solar-drier

Sivagangai, Aug 8:

The Tamil Nadu Government through its Agriculture Engineering Department provides 60 % subsidy to farmers to establish solar-drier to dry their agriculture-produce from wet immediately after the harvest but before they were taken to market for sale.

As of now, the farmers drying their agri-produce by spreading them in open-space before the produces are taken to the market or to granaries.

The system of bringing solar-drier for use speedily dries the wet from the agri-produce and avoids the produce in contaminating dust and the quality of the products are well maintained. The quality of the agri-produce getting upgraded if solar-drier is used.

Sivagangai District Collector J.Jayakanthan in a release has invited the farmers to form the solar-drier from an area of 400 sq.ft to 1000 sq.ft at a total cost of Rs 3lakhs. For forming a solar-drier in an area of around 1000 sq.ft, a total of Rs 7 lakhs to be spent by the farmers. The release of the Collector says that the government to save the farmers from the loss incurred on for drying the agri-produce on open area and also to encourage the farmers having small, mini and also the farmers who hail from Adi Dravidar Community and also for women farmers, the government provides 60 % subsidy and for the remaining farmers 50 % subsidy not exceeding to Rs 3.50 lakhs.

Farmers who are interested in forming solar-driers could approach the Executive Engineer of the Agriculture Engineering Office at the District Collectorate or by contacting 04565-240213 or the Assistant Executive Engineer Office at the Thondin Road (99948-69755) or the AE office at the Pughalendi Street, Soodamanipuram, Karaikudi (94436-85325) with the copy of patta and adangals to fill out the application forms.

The Collector has also made an appeal to farmers to make use of the benefit of forming the solar-driers provided by the government with the subsidy.

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