Train to ‘Malgudi’

Train to ‘Malgudi’

Train to ‘Malgudi’

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A Railway station in Karnataka’s Shivamogga, Arasalu railway station is set to be renamed as ‘Malgudi’ after the 90s Hindi series “Malgudi Days”. The station will be recreated by art director John Devaraj on a request from the Indian Railways.

“As far as Arasalu Railway Station is concerned, it was perfectly suited to recreate British era shots. The first shot was taken on the right platform in the morning when the train arrives and the second one was taken when the train returned after 20 minutes on the opposite platform,” explained Devaraj adoring the aesthetic of the station.

Malgud days is a popular Hindi television series from the 90s, adapted from the writings of RK Narayan. The series of short stories was directed by Kannada filmmaker Shankar Nag and features actors like Girish Karnad, Dina Pathak and Arundhati Nag.

The renovated railway station premises will feature a museum dedicated to ‘Malgudi Days’. The same will showcase the pre-independence era steam engines and elements of Malgudi Days set.

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